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Last update: 05.02.2024

The Ideas channel is natively integrated into the Help Center. Through this channel, your customers can leave ideas to improve your service.

Considering that the channel is enabled by default, its settings are actually reduced to managing categories for ideas. You can add, edit or delete idea categories by going to the administrator account — section "Channels" — subsection "Ideas".


If necessary, you can reorder the categories by dragging and dropping. Changes are instantly displayed in the Help Center.

If you don't want your customers to leave ideas for improving your service, simply disable all categories.

Operation logic

How to add an idea

Customers see a form to create a new idea if they:

— Click on the icon for creating a new idea to the right of the search field;

— Search for ideas and don't get a single result;

— Select the category that has no idea added yet.

How to work with Ideas?

Ideas are one of the channels where customers submit cases, so they are treated the same as other cases in the agent's account. You can write an official response, leave a comment, set the status or implementation stage, edit the idea or delete it entirely.

Implementation stage

By default, a new idea receives the "pending consideration" status. An agent, responding to a case created through the "Ideas" channel, can choose from the status "planned", "in progress", or "implemented". Sometimes customers add suggestions for existing features or, conversely, suggest something that goes against your vision — for such situations, there is a "rejected" status.


The specified implementation stage is displayed next to the ideas themselves in the Help Center so that customers can easily navigate, even when viewing just the general list of ideas. Rejected ideas will also remain on the list so that other customers understand that it makes no sense to create such ideas.

How does the voting work?

  • To vote for an idea or create a new one, customers must be logged into their account in the Help Center.

  • To ensure that customers vote for the ideas that matter most to them, and not just for any idea, the number of votes a single customer can use is limited to 20.

  • You can only vote for the idea once. Implemented or rejected ideas cannot be voted on.

How to edit an idea?

If you want to edit a customer's idea, you can do so from the agent's account:


How to delete an idea?

If you want to delete an idea from the list, move the case to the trash in the agent's account first, then go to the "Trash" filter and delete this case permanently — the idea will disappear from the general list in your Help Center.

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