Integration with YouScan

Last update: 29.08.2022

Integration with YouScan (a service for monitoring social media) allows you to receive web mentions of your company or your product in Deskie.

 integration is available on all plans, but the Advanced API Webhook add-on is required.


The integration is connected along the path of the administrator account — the "Settings" section — the "Integration" subsection.

In the integration connection form in Deskie, copy the Webhook URL; in YouScan go along the path "Settings" — "Integration" — "Webhook" and paste the copied address into the "Webhook URL" field.


After connecting the integration, you can receive mentions in Deskie in two ways:

1. Manually through the "Share" menu and the "Send to Webhook" option.


2. Automatically using rules that will forward mentions to Deskie. Detailed information about configuring rules in YouScan:

Working with mentions

Based on mentions there are going to be cases created in the YouScan channel.


1. Data about the author and YouScan mentions' parameters are displayed either on the panel with user data or on a separate integration panel (depending on the settings selected in the integration connection form in the "Panel for displaying data" field).

2. In cases based on mentions, there is no way to reply to the user, you can only leave internal notes. To reply to a mention, same as in the YouScan interface, you need to go to the source where the mention is posted and reply to the user there.

A link to the source has been added in the notification after the mentions' text, as well as in the panel with mentions' parameters.

3. Under all types of automation rules, it is possible to track the mentions' parameters in YouScan so that you can use them when working with cases.
Thanks to these conditions you can do the following:


a) create a rule for new cases that will increase the priority of cases based on mentions with a negative tonality, automatically assign it to an agent and send them notifications:


b) create a rule for existing cases that will track situations when a case based on a negative mention from a user with a large number of subscribers remains in the "open" status for a long time, and send a notification to a specific agent about this:


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