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Last update: 17.08.2022
Correspondence with customers and communication with colleagues through notes tend to be delayed, so cases often contain dozens of entries. Add messages and notes to your favorites so you don't have to waste time looking through the entire conversation for the information you need.

Examples of using favorites

1) You have been communicating with the customer for more than a month: he/she answers with a delay of a couple of days and many nuances come up in the process. Adding messages to your favorites will highlight the main points of communication (intermediate agreements and results) so that you can quickly refresh your memory when returning to the case.

2) The customer's question led to an active discussion with colleagues through notes. At the same time, only a couple of notes are important, those ones, that have a solution to the customer's problem recorded. They should be added to favorites so that any agent can see where they ended up.

3) In the process of communication, the customer sent important data that you and your colleagues will have to refer to more than once: company details, information about the system, a description of the steps to reproduce the bug, etc. Add such messages containing this data to favorites so that they are always at hand.

4) Your customers prefer to communicate in chats, and the correspondence with each of them consists of hundreds of messages. At the same time, agents work in shifts, meaning, one starts working with the customer and another one takes over. Capture the main points in the case through the favorites, so that the agent taking the shift does not need to read the entire correspondence.

Adding and viewing favorites

Both in regular cases and in chats, to add to favorites, just hover over the entry and click on the star icon:


After adding at least one record to favorites, an icon appears in the upper right corner of the case to go to the favorites view:


Messages and notes added to favorites are visible to all agents who have access to the case. Any agent can remove an entry from favorites.

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