Last update: 29.11.2023
When agents mark a case as spam, they always see a warning that the user will be blocked, and all subsequent cases will be automatically marked as spam.

However, this does not always stop agents, especially when there is a large flow of cases. Someone from the customers or counterparties may still be blocked by mistake, causing important information to be missed. Until the user is unblocked, all their cases are immediately sent to spam.

To prevent such situations, a new section called "Allowlist" has been added to the administrator's account in the "Settings" section. In this section, you can indicate both specific email addresses and email address masks or domains for which the "Mark as spam" action is ignored.

We also considered the fact that one user can contact you through different channels, for example, email and Telegram, so agents will not be able to spam any of his cases in any channel. Of course, provided that user profiles in different channels are linked.

The list of customers and counterparties is constantly being updated, and you can hardly add everyone to the allowlist ahead of time, so if a user has been blocked by mistake, it is important to understand which agent was responsible for it. This will allow you to provide further explanation to the agent about which cases should be sent to spam and which ones should not.

The blocked user page displays information about when and which agent blocked the user.

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