Certificates for your own domains

Last update: 22.12.2022
When you connect your own domain (by creating a CNAME record and specifying the desired domain in the Deskie settings), we automatically generate an SSL certificate using Let's Encrypt. It is quite convenient because you don't need to buy a certificate, pay for its installation and wait for us to connect it.
The certificate generation cron for new domains runs every minute, and the certificate issuance procedure itself takes less than an hour.

At the very beginning, we let you know that the certificate preparation process has begun:

If the CNAME record is created correctly and the certificate has been successfully issued, the caption under the field changes:

If the certificate could not be issued, you also get a corresponding record. Most often it means that the CNAME record is configured incorrectly. If that happens, contact us so that we can tell you where the mistake was made.

P.S. The certificate is used for both administrator and agent accounts, as well as for the Help center.

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