Stopwords in agent responses

Last update: 09.01.2023
For users seeking help, support agents are the face of the company, that's why their responses' tone should meet the accepted style of communication with customers.

Due to inexperience, heavy workload or just due to feeling unwell, an agent might use words in responses that will confuse users or leave a negative impression of the customer support and your company in general.

You can now set stopwords that, when used, will block the message from being sent until the agent removes them from their response.

Set up

Stopwords are configured along the path: admin account → the "Settings" section → the "Stopwords" subsection.

Each word must be entered on a new line. If multiple words are specified on the same line, they are perceived as a whole phrase, and Deskie checks the phrase itself.

You can use masks via *. For example, specify "stupid*" so that "stupid" and "stupidity" are perceived as stopwords.

Block response sending if there is a stopword

If an agent types or pastes the text with a stopword, this word gets highlighted so that the agent can easily find it in the text, and the "Send" button gets blocked until the agent removes that stopword from their response.

Stopwords become red and bold in email cases and those that came through asynchronous custom channels where the response field supports HTML.

Stopwords are highlighted with all-caps in cases from other channels where the response field doesn't support HTML.

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