Agent statuses via API

Last update: 02.04.2024

If you are building custom statistics through third-party services or dashboards with the specific information you need in your website's admin panel, previously, via the API, you could only retrieve metrics related to handling cases.

Now, new API methods have been introduced, allowing you to obtain data on agent statuses.

1. Agent statuses list

In Deskie, you can create custom statuses for agents, so there may be many statuses. Before retrieving statistics on statuses or viewing a current agent's status, you need to obtain the IDs of all statuses through the method for getting the list of agent statuses.

2. Statistics on agent statuses

The method for obtaining statistics on agent statuses provides the same filtering parameters as the "Agent statuses" subsection of reports in the administrator account.

3. Current agent statuses

If you need to display current agent statuses outside of Deskie, for example, in your website's admin panel, you can do so using the updated methods for getting the list of agents and viewing an agent. Refer to the value in the "status_id" parameter.

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