What happens when the help center is turned off?

Last update: 03.11.2022
Some companies prefer to provide customer support in the old, tried-and-true way — by email. They don't need the knowledge base, ideas and the ability for users to view their correspondence history for all cases yet. For such occasions, we have added the ability to completely deactivate the help center.

You can do this in the "General Settings" subsection (section "Settings", administrator account):


Let's take a closer look at what changes occur when the help center is deactivated.

1. The Help Center is no longer available at the address you specified during registration (for example, yourcompany.deskie.io).

2. The case number is removed from the subject of employee replies, so that the correspondence looks like an ordinary email correspondence: [#290-320788]: How to send an API-request correctly? → How to send an API-request correctly?

3. The link to the case in the help center, which is usually inserted at the end of the email, is removed from agent responses.

4. The "Email notification" subsection (section "Settings") is hidden in the administrator's account. This means that when a case is received, no email is sent to the customer saying that the case has been accepted.

If you want to send some kind of notification to the customer, it can be implemented through the rules for new cases:


5. The "Help Center" section with all its subsections and the "Suggestions" subsection (the "Channels" section) are also hidden in the administrator's account.

6. The "Knowledge base" section with all its subsections is hidden in the agent's account.

7. If the multilingualism is activated, the phrases related to the articles and categories of the Knowledge Base and other sections of the Help Center will disappear from the items required for translation.

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